Thursday, December 8, 2011

standing L to R: Chad, Ashley, Leah, Brek, Rob, Camille, Nolan holding Tenley, Vanessa, Natalie, Weston, Elise
sitting in chairs: Craig, grandma Jones, grandpa Jones, Kelli holding Brynlyn, Bethany
sitting on the ground: Scott, Rachelle, Zach holding Sydney, Heather holding Sawyer, Mallory holding a doll, Jessica, Justin holding Camryn

Craig & Kelli’s Christmas Newsletter 2011

Hello! It’s Happy Holiday Time again! We hope you are all enjoying the 2011 Christmas season with your families. Here is a very short update on all of our kids and family happenings the past year:
Kelsey Family: Zach, Heather, Sydney, Mallory and Sawyer. Our only grandson, Sawyer, turned 1 in September! He is growing up to be a handsome young guy to match his 2 gorgeous sisters! The Kelsey’s live in Twin Falls, Idaho where they work(Bank-Zach, hospital-Heather), play and go to school! Sydney is in 2nd grade and Mallory is in Kinder.
Chad & Ashley Jones Family added a beautiful new baby daughter to their family in November of this year! Her name is Presley Kay and she is a joy—she gets lots of baby kisses from all of the rest of us! She is our 7th granddaughter! The Joneses live, work at Verizon (Chad) and at the Gila Valley Hospital(Ashley) and play with baby Presley in Thatcher, AZ.
Pollard Family: Jessica, Justin, Brynlyn and Camryn. Camryn turns 1 on Dec. 14th! She and Bryn keep mom and dad busy with learning to walk (Cam) and broken elbows(Bryn)! Justin works for San Tan Collision as an estimator and Jessica works at home! The Pollards moved from San Tan Valley back to civilization in good ol’ Mesa, AZ.
Hurd Family: Rachelle, Scott, Tenley and Elliotte. The Hurd’s moved from Twin Falls to Salt Lake City, Utah this past summer for Scott’s job selling real estate. They and the Kelsey’s miss each other as they used to live a mile apart. Their 2 darling daughters keep Rachelle running at home along with her 2 or 3 home businesses she has!
Bethany lives with us in St. David but works 2 jobs in Sierra Vista. She works at Fort Huachuca in their hair salon and at Hastings, which is a music,video, book store. She hardly has time to do anything else, so she must enjoy what she does! We are working on the words “boyfriend & marriage” with her but she claims she is too busy!
Haymores: Leah and Brek. Leah keeps busy being a P.E. Teacher, Middle and High School volleyball, softball and basketball Coach and Middle School Athletic Director for St. David schools and Brek keeps busy, but safe, working for the US Border Patrol—he helps keep us safe too! They live in Sierra Vista, AZ, but are rarely there!
Hatch’s: Vanessa and Nolan moved from Tucson to Sierra Vista for a better job for Nolan at Dish Network. Vanessa is taking a break as a massage therapist and working at a bank until their firstborn child arrives in early May!! We are so excited even though we unofficially know it has to be a girl as the Jones family rule is “you must have 2 girls before you can have a boy”!! They will find out for sure on Dec. 22.
Bryants: Camille and Rob live, work and go to pharmacy school in Glendale, AZ. Camille works at a optometry office while Rob attends pharmacy school—he recently got his “white lab coat” promotion! Yea Rob! They live close to where the Phoenix LDS Temple is being built!
Elise is living and working in Thatcher and going to Eastern Arizona College. She will finish up her associates degree this spring and hopes to go on a mission for our church—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She works at Home Depot in the wee early morning hours before her classes start! From her facebook page, we can tell she is having a great time at college!
Natalie is a senior in high school living with us in St. David. She is student body president as well as active in more clubs besides taking 3 online college classes and filling out scholarship applications! She won a trip to Washington D.C last summer and really enjoyed that trip. The St. David girls softball team came in 2nd in state last year in 1A with Natalie as starting pitcher—WootWoot!
Weston is a sophomore in high school and lives at home with us in St. David. He is playing varsity basketball this year with his sister Leah as his assistant coach! Weston loves all things electronic, but occasionally takes time to ride his skateboards and play his guitar. He thinks our 2 bigger dogs exist to pull him down the street on his skateboard! He calls them his “mush dogs”!
Kelli is still the special education preschool teacher in her 9th year at St. David school. She is glad the job is only ½ time because working with 3 to 5 year olds tires her out! She enjoys genealogy and family history on the side as well as taking care of the 3 family dogs (all females!! Noelle, Cocoa and Daisy). She loves going shopping for the 7 granddaughters and 1 grandson!
Craig continues to work at Open Text in Tucson AND be bishop of the St. David ward. He is rarely at home and when he is, he is working on one of his many “projects”(self-imposed—not honey-do!) Currently he is putting together a playhouse, a jungle gym and a basketball court for all of our grandkids when they come down on Christmas eve! Let’s hope he finishes it in time!
The family picture above is one that was taken at Grandma Jones 80th birthday party this summer at G & G Jones home in Canoga Park, Ca. It is current except for little Presley Kay, so we are also attaching her picture with her mommy and daddy. We are so grateful for all our blessings this past year as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this Christmas. We are thankful for our Savior’s birth, life, and atonement that He made on our behalf so that we could live with Him again.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Chad, Ashley and Presley Jones

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Nice Christmas upadate. I need to do ours and am running out of time. Hmmmm maybe I can convince Zach to let me blog it!